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Revenue Services FAQ

1. How do I get an abstract?
To obtain an abstract you must pay your account off in full. Our office will issue a receipt showing that your account is paid in full. The Court will then notify DMV in Sacramento. Your driver license will then be available thru the local DMV.

2. What should I do if I feel that I have already paid this account?
If you believe that you have already paid this account, simply provide proof of payment, such as front and back of canceled check or receipt indicating a docket number or case number in question. We will be happy to research your inquiry.

3. Why is my tax refund being taken?
We notify the franchise tax board of legal accounts that have not been paid. To protect against having your tax refund intercepted, you must pay your account in full in order to have the account deleted from the intercept list.

4. Why am I being billed from Juvenile Hall, CYA, or Camp Glenwood?
The parent or guardian of a minor is liable for the costs of the placement of that child by Superior Court in any County facility.

5. I thought the Public Defender was free. Why are you billing me?
Court appointed counsel services are not free in the County of San Mateo. You must provide one month of current pay stubs or supplemental form in order to be evaluated for a possible reduction.

6. Is this debt reflected on my credit report?
We report to all three credit-reporting agencies. Once account has been paid in full it will reflect as a paid collection account.

7. Once paid, can this reported delinquency be deleted from my credit record?
We do not remove information from credit reports unless the account was reported in error or special circumstances.

8. How long from the date of the incident should I wait to inquire about restitution?
Inquire immediately.

9. Who should you contact when you have questions about restitution?
After reporting the crime to the Police Department, questions about restitution can be directed to the District Attorney's Office or visit the Revenue Services Victim Restitution web site.

10. Can I get a copy of the court order for my case?
Once a case is completed, you may request a copy of the court order from the Courts where your case was heard.

11. I thought the county hospital provided free services. Why do I have to pay?
Hospital services are not free. However there are programs available to San Mateo County residents. Please call for more information: 650-363-4155.

12. How do I dispute incorrect information on my credit report?
File a consumer dispute with the reporting agency.

13. How do I know what is holding up my license?
Contact the DMV to get a print out of your driving record.

14. How do I handle a dispute when it involves Identity Theft?
  1. Get an ID letter from the court that is handling the citation
  2. Take the ID letter to the arresting agency for investigation.
  3. Once reviewed by the arresting agency the ID will be forwarded to Revenue Services
  4. Revenue Services forwards the ID letter to the courts for final review.

If you have comments or suggestions about this site, please e-mail Revenue Services
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