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Collection Practices
Strategies and Practices
Our primary goal is to collect as much revenue as possible in the shortest period of time possible. In order to achieve this goal, Revenue Services hires and trains only experienced and qualified people.
Our strategy is to educate the debtor and enforce the debtor's responsibility to pay the debt. We explain the necessity of a good credit standing. Our first attempt is to secure payment in full. If unsuccessful, we attempt a payment plan that is feasible for the debtor and beneficial to our client. We practice the art of listening and suggest alternatives.
Our goal is to secure payment. To do this we:
  • Secure a debtor's financial information
  • Make an assessment of the debtor's financial obligations
  • Provide a realistic plan for repayment that does not create extreme hardship for the debtor, yet satisfies the client
  • Provide financial counseling
We gather the information necessary to ensure compliance either through a voluntary structured payment plan, or, if necessary, through legal means such as wage attachment or the tax intercept program.

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